Thursday, April 3, 2014

Driving across Texas (it's almost a neverending journey)!


Science has observed that natural systems must experience a lull following a period of great activity, and after yesterday we prepared ourselves for a rest day. The three of us left our nest at the Pilot gas station and got on the road around 8:00am. I was still fast asleep enjoying my spot on one of the wooden benches made by Shane, but gradually the sensory information flooding in turned the tide towards being awake.

We occupied ourselves during this drive with small projects. I spent time repairing my knowledge on splicing three strand ropes, but my fingers protested the mason twine I practiced on. Shane wrote out descriptions for several acts in the performance, and read on the kindle. My Dad occupied himself with driving to the San Angelo Boys and Girls Club, and we were grateful for his concentration.

We made it to our destination with no hassle. When the director showed us our show spot, I flinched slightly. After yesterday I was somewhat wary of doing shows in gymnasiums, but my fears were not validated. We all set up, and got ourselves ready for the 5:00pm show. For me this consisted of taking advantage of some internet time to update our blog from yesterday. Sorry folks, it's a wild world out there, and I apologize for breaking my record of uninterrupted postings (one in a row is going to be hard to beat). 

Our show went along the expected lines with only minor deviations. These exceptions were due to our expert showmanship no doubt: we had quite the time taking a step without a gleeful kid finding her way into the place where the foot was to fall. I can honestly say I have seen my share of audience participation, but nothing quite like this!  After the hovercraft was shut down, my Dad attempted to deliver the closing lines and was immediately set upon by a field of outstretched hands: Behold the prophet of math! Before I had a chance to act on my first instinct to call in a rescue heli, the director assumed control of the situation. We packed up to a chorus of tiny voices saying “THANK YOU,” and set about our last errands of the day.

The sun is setting, and we have a few more miles to go before we sleep. Next stop, Austin!

Tasty Bits:

We had almost pulled out of the parking lot before we realized there were two boys standing in our stairwell. After answering most of their questions, and one riddle about the Eiffel tower, we realized no one was coming to get them. My Dad ushered them back inside, and we made a cursory search for stowaways. 

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