Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Summer Camp Details

We have more information about our exciting 2010 Summer Camp in Tucson, AZ:

The Physics Factory Summer Camps are for kids who want to play with science and safely learn about the “dangerous” aspects that are not taught in schools.

Kip Perkins, also a co-founder and exhibit builder, will teach separate weekly morning and afternoon classes, 9:00–12:00 and 1:00–4:00.

Morning Class Session 1 starts May 31st and will focus on electricity, lights, motors, sounds, and some dramatic demonstrations. Students will each take a project home.

Morning Class Session 2 starts June 7th and will explore electronics. Students will build small amplifiers and connect them to lasers and photocells to transmit music across the room.

In Morning Class Session 3, we'll be will be working with magnets, coils, TV sets, etc. We'll take equipment apart to create our own inventions.

The Morning Class Session 4 is art at its worst. It's very fun and gratifying, however, and students always surprise me with their creations. We start by taking office equipment apart, and then use motors, fans, solenoids, etc. to make kinetic sculpture.

In Morning Class Session 5, we build robot kits. Some are demanding and require soldering, others achieve the same result without soldering. Enrolling students can tell me which they'd like to make.

All afternoon classes will consist of taking machinery apart and reconstituting the innards into something they were never intended to be. We'll take big and small machines apart, from copiers to internal combustion engines. This is a favorite way to understand how things work.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tucson Summer Camp 2010

Wondering what you'll be doing this summer? Ready to build your own science demonstration? We're happy to announce The Physics Factory Invention, Demonstration, and Discovery Camp: Take Apart, Build and Play! We're taking reservations now, so please reserve your spot today! Click here for more information.