Thursday, December 10, 2009

In the News: Creating a Science Center

Our own Kip Perkins and our colleagues at Creative Machines are featured in this Tucson Weekly article discussing our drive to bring a new kind of science center to Tucson.

We look to build on the successes of the Physics Factory and Creative Machines, and find inspiration in the achievements of like-minded projects in other cities.

This is a bold, exciting and challenging undertaking, and one that can only succeed by harnessing the energy, ideas, support and generosity that we find in this great community and everywhere we've traveled as an organization.


  1. It is wonderful to learn of your launch. As science centers around the country are struggling this is a difficult time to get off the ground. The failure of others is based on their out-dated strategy of teaching science rather than encouraging kids to do science. I hope you are able to cast aside the "I know and will show or tell you" and adopt the "here are the materails, let's find out" mode. Good luck. Ed Sobey

  2. Ed, this is exactly what we're going for. The idea is to create a bit of a playground for science--kids won't even know that they're learning something. And the beauty of this grassroots, community-based model is that it won't cost a lot to get started. The people, the tools, the materials, the knowhow, is already on the scene, it just needs a space in which to exist. When engineered from the bottom up, it will evolve through community participation and interest rather than trying to convince the community to buy into a ready-made big idea.

  3. Erik-

    Let me know how I can help.


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